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Before you sign up with us to promote your services/product via email, you will explain what your services/product is all about to us and how real it is to avoid the situation whereby we send a scam campaign to people.
After your business has been confirmed, you will send us a document that contain information about your product or services, pictures or graphics will be supplied too if need be.

Using the document you sent to us we will come up with a design for you that will be email friendly and responsive. A sample will be send to you for review and approval. We can not send your campaign till we get an approval from you that it is good to go out. When we get the approval to send the mail, you will make 60% down payment as it is the company’s policy.

We send campaign once per week and four (4) times in a month. Reason is because when people get your mail more than once in their box per week, they will classify your mail as spam

A screen shot that bears the number of people your campaign was sent to, the number of people that open the mail, how many people that clicked on the link in the email, e.t.c which will serve as a report will be sent to you. You will equally have some autoresponse in your mail box when the campaign has been sent.

We do not sell data base because of the nature of clients we deal with, it will not be a good reputation to sell out people contact, so we do not sell data base. What we do is to send your campaign to people on our data base. You can not have access to our data base because is approximate to sellling of the data base but you are entitled to get the screen shot of how many people your campaign was sent to, the open rate, click rate etc

Yes we train people that have interest in doing the Email Marketing by themselves instead of paying us monthly to send the campaign for them. Our training is actually a full day training and it is practical intensive, during the training you will learn how to create and send your campaign.
You will equally be taught how to track the performance of your campaign ( i.e the number of people that opened your mail, the number of people that clicked on a link in the mail if there is any, the number of people that subscribe and unsubscribe, the number of people that mark your mail as spam etc) and most importantly we will teach you how to start generating your data base without the use of software.
At the end of the training 5,000 data base will be giving to you to kick start your campaign. The cost of the training is N40,000 per head but in a situation whereby we have more than two people in the class a discount will be granted.

Our data base is made up of corporate people who can afford your product or service. Since we started we have not done anything Television advert, Radio jingle, News paper advert e.t.c we get our clients via Email and the testimonies from our client is enough prove too.


Whether we design static websites, CMS websites or eCommerce shopping systems all our website are responsive on desktop and mobile devices

Yes we create eCommerce shopping systems using WooCommerce

Yes we create business websites be it Static or CMS website

You will have to send us the address you will like to give to your website i.e the domain name (what people will type online to get to your website) e.g, etc then we will search for the availability.
If it is available we will go ahead to purchase it with your permission but if it is not available your will have to chose another name that is available.
If you already have a domain name all you have to do is to send us the cpanel login details.

You will provide write up that has the description of your organisation, the services you offer and your contact information.

You will send your company logo but if you do not have we can create one for you at a reasonable price.

You will state the colours you will like your website to have (we can detect from the logo though)

You can send images to be placed in Portfolio section or to be use as slider if you have but in a situation by which you do not have we will source for images and if you do not like them then you will have to create your own and send to us.

For eCommerce shopping system you will provide pictures of the products (Maximum of twenty) you sell, their prices and little description of each product, state the Categories you will like us to create, description of your online store, logo and your contact information.

Yes we can link your website to all your social media pages, all you have to do is to send us the links to all your social media pages. We can equally create social media pages for you if you don not have at a reasonable price.
We can also link your website to your Website

Yes we build web applications.